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A transient pyrolysis model based on the B-number for gravity-assisted flame spread over thick PMMA slabs

Y. Pizzo , J.L. Consalvi , B. Porterie
COMBUSTION AND FLAME, 2009, 156 (9), pp.1856-1859. ⟨10.1016/j.combustflame.2009.06.007⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02993497v1

Étude expérimentale d'un prototype d'échangeur de chaleur intégrant la fonction de pompage

Julien Fontaine , Pascal Lavieille , François Pigache , F. Topin , Marc Miscevic
27ème Congrès Français de Thermique (SFT 2019), 3-6 juin 2019, Nantes (FRANCE), 2019, Nantes, France
Communication dans un congrès hal-03942398v1
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Characterization of bubbles dynamics in aperiodic formation

Mohamad Farhat , Maxime Chinaud , Philippe Nerisson , Olivier Vauquelin
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2021, 180, pp.121646. ⟨10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2021.121646⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03389122v1

Width effects on the early stage of upward flame spread over PMMA slabs: Experimental observations

Y. Pizzo , J.L. Consalvi , P. Querre , M. Coutin , B. Porterie
Fire Safety Journal, 2009, 44 (3), pp.407-414. ⟨10.1016/j.firesaf.2008.09.003⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02985056v1

Investigations in actuator solutions for active cooling in embedded systems

Julien Fontaine , François Pigache , Marc Miscevic , F. Topin , Jean-François Rouchon
Physical and Chemical Phenomena in Heat Exchangers and Multifunctional Reactors for Sustainable Technology, Eurotherm Seminar 106, Oct. 10-11, 2016, Paris (FRANCE), 2016, Paris, France
Communication dans un congrès hal-03942395v1

A fully coupled fluid/solid model for open air combustion of horizontally-oriented PMMA samples

Ahmed Kacem , Maxime Mense , Yannick Pizzo , Germain Boyer , Sylvain Suard , et al.
Combustion and Flame, 2016, 170, pp.135-147. ⟨10.1016/j.combustflame.2016.04.009⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01459212v1

Upward versus downward non-Boussinesq turbulent fountains

Samuel Vaux , Rabah Mehaddi , Olivier Vauquelin , Fabien Candelier
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019, 867, pp.374-391. ⟨10.1017/jfm.2019.149⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02410595v1
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Discharge flow of granular media from silos with a lateral orifice and injection of air

Pascale Aussillous , Yixian Zhou , Pierre Ruyer , Pierre-Yves Lagrée
Powders and grains 2017, Jul 2017, Montpellier, France
Communication dans un congrès hal-01769277v1

Steady and transient pyrolysis of thick clear PMMA slabs

Yannick Pizzo , Christine Lallemand , Ahmed Kacem , Ahmed Kaiss , Jonathan Gerardin , et al.
Combustion and Flame, 2015, 162 (1), pp.226 - 236. ⟨10.1016/j.combustflame.2014.07.004⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01417338v1

Transport equation for the mean turbulent energy dissipation rate on the centreline of a fully developed channel flow

S. L. Tang , R. A. Antonia , L. Djenidi , H. Abé , T. Zhou , et al.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2015, 777, ⟨10.1017/jfm.2015.342⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01612379v1

Doorway flow from a reduced scale isothermal air/helium approach

C. Lucchesi , O. Vauquelin , H. Pretrel , Ph. Bournot
International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 2011, 50 (10), pp.1920-1929. ⟨10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2011.04.016⟩
Article dans une revue istex hal-01459984v1

Assessment of radiative property models in non-gray sooting media

R. Demarco , J. L. Consalvi , A. Fuentes , S. Melis
International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 2011, 50 (9), pp.1672-1684. ⟨10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2011.03.026⟩
Article dans une revue istex hal-01460106v1

Modelling thermal radiation in buoyant turbulent diffusion flames

J. L. Consalvi , R. Demarco , A. Fuentes
Combustion Theory and Modelling, 2012, 16 (5), pp.817-841. ⟨10.1080/13647830.2012.662283⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01459951v1
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Discharge flow of a bidisperse granular media from a silo: Discrete particle simulations

Y. Zhou , P. Ruyer , P. Aussillous
Physical Review E : Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 2015, 92 (6), ⟨10.1103/PhysRevE.92.062204⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01431974v1

Effect of oxygen concentration on the combustion of horizontally-oriented slabs of PMMA

D. Alibert , M. Coutin , M. Mense , Y. Pizzo , B. Porterie
Fire Safety Journal, 2017, 91, pp.182-190. ⟨10.1016/j.firesaf.2017.03.051⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02551314v1

Investigation of core degradation (COBE)

Iain Shepherd , Tim Haste , Naouma Kourti , Francesco Oriolo , Mario Leonardi , et al.
Nuclear Engineering and Design, 2001, 209 (1-3), ⟨10.1016/S0029-5493(01)00393-4⟩
Article dans une revue istex hal-01282019v1

On the modeling of radiative heat transfer in laboratory-scale pool fires

J.L. Consalvi , R. Demarco , A. Fuentes , S. Melis , J.P. Vantelon
Fire Safety Journal, 2013, 60, pp.73-81. ⟨10.1016/j.firesaf.2012.10.010⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03113533v1

Experimental determination of the discharge flow coefficient at a doorway for fire induced flow in natural and mixed convection

A. Koched , H. Pretrel , O. Vauquelin , L. Audouin
Fire and Materials, 2016, 40 (1), pp.114-128. ⟨10.1002/fam.2272⟩
Article dans une revue istex hal-01459092v1
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Experimental and numerical study on low-frequency oscillating behaviour ofliquid pool fires in a small-scale mechanically-ventilated compartment

M. Mense , Y. Pizzo , H. Prétrel , C. Lallemand , B. Porterie
Fire Safety Journal, 2019, 108, pp.102824. ⟨10.1016/j.firesaf.2019.102824⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02527487v1
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Using radial distribution functions to calculate cellular crossabsorbed dose for β emitters: comparison with reference methods and application for 18F-FDG cell labeling

Manon Jacquemin , Fabienne Ribeiro , Khalid Aliane , David Broggio , Didier Franck , et al.
Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2021, 66 (17), pp.175016. ⟨10.1088/1361-6560/abe555⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03471500v1
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Gas-assisted discharge flow of granular media from silos

Yixian Zhou , P.-y Lagrée , Stéphane Popinet , P. Ruyer , P. Aussillous
Physical Review Fluids, 2019, 4, pp.124305. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevFluids.4.124305⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02390428v1
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Hydrodynamic aspects of aerosols pool scrubbing

Mohamad Farhat , Philippe Nerisson , Laurent Cantrel , Maxime Chinaud , Olivier Vauquelin
Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 2023, 191, pp.646-657. ⟨10.1016/j.cherd.2023.02.004⟩
Article dans une revue irsn-04039395v1
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Influence of the source elevation on a pool fire in a forced ventilated enclosure

Emeline Georges , Hugues Pretrel , Kévin Varrall , Olivier Vauquelin
10th International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards, ISFEH, May 2022, OSLO, Norway
Communication dans un congrès hal-03706619v2

Experimental observations on the steady-state burning rate of a vertically oriented PMMA slab

Y. Pizzo , J.L. Consalvi , P. Querre , M. Coutin , L. Audouin , et al.
COMBUSTION AND FLAME, 2008, 152 (3), pp.451-460. ⟨10.1016/j.combustflame.2007.06.020⟩
Article dans une revue istex hal-03001441v1
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Effect of Oxygen on the Burning Behavior of Liquid and Solid Fuels in a Large-Scale Calorimeter

David Alibert , Mickael Coutin , Maxime Mense , Y. Pizzo , Bernard Porterie
Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, 2019, 12 (Special Issue), pp.37-47. ⟨10.36884/jafm.12.SI.29932⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02921141v1
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Analytical solutions for long-time steady state Boussinesq gravity currents flowing along a horizontal boundary of finite length

Safir Haddad , Samuel Vaux , Kevin Varrall , Olivier Vauquelin
Pré-publication, Document de travail irsn-04124073v1
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Study of the ejection of gas and grains from a pressurized cylindrical silo

Zhenhai Zou
Soft Condensed Matter [cond-mat.soft]. Aix-Marseile Université, 2019. English. ⟨NNT : ⟩
Thèse tel-02900657v1

Evaluation des flux de chaleur mis en jeu lors de la combustion stationnaire de plaques thermiquement épaisses de PMMA

Yannick Pizzo , Nathalie Giraud , Yann Billaud , Christine Lallemand , Ahmed Kaiss , et al.
21ème Congrès Français de Mécanique, Institut de Mécanique et d'Ingénierie de Bordeaux; Association française de mécanique, Aug 2013, Bordeaux, France
Communication dans un congrès hal-01446051v1

Dynamics of non Boussinesq fountains

Samuel Vaux , Rabah Mehaddi , Olivier Vauquelin , Fabien Candelier
11th European Fluid Mechanics Conference (EUROMECH), Sep 2016, Séville, Spain
Communication dans un congrès hal-01578180v1

Effect of vertical density stratification on the buoyancy-induced flow at a doorway opening

Hugues Pretrel , Olivier Vauquelin , Fabien Candelier , Arnaud Brunner
Journal of Fire Sciences, 2014, 32 (4), pp.295-315. ⟨10.1177/0734904113514797⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01459375v1